Raw, real conversations. 

The New Human

An online summit

25+ proven disruptors, innovators, game changers and unknown extraordinary people discuss and share the steps to enable you to thrive and make a difference in a changing world.


Become part of a community of heart centred & purpose driven New Humans.

The New Human Summit Will Show You:

  • How technology is disrupting business and education globally and the impact on our lives

  • What we have to give up in order to thrive in the future

  • The tools and knowledge to support you to thrive with purpose

  • How to manage the increasing impact of technology on our lives

  • The core skills needed for the future

  • The new opportunities for collaboration and location independence

  • The art and science of feminine leadership

  • How to navigate a radical career change

  • Why creativity is the new superpower

  • How to use mindfulness as your anchor in an increasingly uncertain world

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